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kids spot animal tracks

The new year just began and we're already outside exploring at Learn 'n Grow! Preschoolers hit the grounds and nature trails to search for animal scat and tracks.

Scat is one of the most important signs to look for when tracking animals. All animals leave scat in one form or another. An animal's feces can tell us what they eat, where they spend most of their time, if they're sick, and what kind of animal it is that we're tracking. Different kinds of animals leave different kinds of scat, and knowing how to tell which is which can help us figure out what kinds of animals live nearby.

The preschoolers also went looking for different animal tracks. They quickly identified deer tracks and investigated a new track they were not familiar with.  It turns out to be from a fox!

Their outdoor exploration finished with an activity looking for rubbings on trees that were caused by deer. 

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