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Girls Enjoy Otsego Engineering Challenge

OHS Senior Bridgitt Cornish hosted an Otsego Engineering Challenge for girls as a part of her STEAM Ready Internship application. In her efforts to show local companies she’s ready to work for them, she brought the Society of Women Engineer’s Corporate Engineering Challenge to the local level with the first Otsego Engineering Challenge for girls. Engineering for her is exciting, “I really like the idea of designing new things, building them and making something your own and having control over that,” she says, and she’s hoping to inspire more girls with this event.

The event, held on Saturday, November 10th, began with introducing the girls to female engineers from the area and allowing them to ask some questions. Afterward, the girls were broken into teams and given their challenge. It was NASA's Let It Glide Challenge. Each team had a box of the same random supplies (bubble wrap, file folders, pipe cleaners, straws, tape, etc) and one shipping box. They had one hour to plan, design and build a plane. The box was the fuselage and the girls weren’t allowed to puncture the box in any way. After their hour was up, the girls put their designs to the test and competed to see whose plane flew the farthest distance. The winning team was the "Misses Hippopotamuses" with 279 inches. “The girls learned a lot about trial and error, teamwork, and perseverance,” Cornish says.


Each team had two mentors, a high school student and a female engineer who came to help with the event.