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Remembering 9/11

At the start of 2nd hour at the high school, close to the time when the first tower was hit by a plane in 2001, students heard a recap of the events of September 11th then observed a moment of silence.
In law class, OHS students researched 911-related legislation that has become part of our legal environment in the past 17 years. They reflected on how the events of 911 changes our lives and still impact our society today.
In 3rd grade social studies at Washington Street Elementary, students listened to videos that told of the events of 9/11 and the tower and memorial that now stand in New York City. Their activity of the anniversary revolved around heroes. They discussed the definition of a hero, examples of heroes and thought of who was a hero to them. On a piece of paper, they wrote down what a hero was and described their hero. They will color in the paper and hang them in the hallway. 
Several other classes across the district talked about the events and reflected on it in different assignments. Only our seniors were even born at the time of the attacks but our teachers and our schools make sure that students know the history of the events and its impact.