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Reading Group Paying it Forward

A 4th grade reading group at Dix Street recently read a biography called, "Bren Bataclan, Smile Artist" by Mia Lewis. Bren Bataclan is an artist who will leave his artwork out in public for free with a note stating that the one who finds it "can keep it only if they promise to smile at random people more often."
Two students took his positivity to heart and wanted to do something similar for their classmates. Colin Fitzpatrick and Abi Damber made bookmarks to put in random books in the Dix Street Media Center. Whoever checks the book out and finds a bookmark can keep it. The catch? They have to follow the message on the back. Those messages challenge students to follow the PRIDE acronym of Positive attitude, Responsible actions, Integrity within, Determination to succeed, and Expecting excellence.