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Hall of Fame Awards

Two OHS graduates were inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame Friday night. Tommy Brinn (OHS ’09) and Kelsey Kuipers (OHS ’10) received the award at center court between the girls’ and boys’ varsity basketball games.

“It is an incredible honor,” says Kelsey Kuipers, who graduated from Michigan State University and is now a special education teacher at Portage Northern High School, “I remember when I was still in high school, I would often stop and read through the plaques on the Hall of Fame wall and wonder to myself if I could ever aspire to be as great as those athletes.”

“It’s such a great honor,” agrees Brinn, who graduated from the University of Nebraska is now working as a product designer in Texas.  “The previous hall of famers set the tone and legacy that I embarked on and it’s amazing that I may also become a beacon that sets the path for more future potential.” Brinn was a track and cross country standout at Otsego and still holds several school records, so he has already become a legend at OHS that runners aspire to be and someday beat. Brinn continued his running career after OHS at the University of Nebraska running track and cross country. He received considerable achievements in both sports in both high school and college. He competed in the Big Ten Championships and Big 12 Championships in the 800m, 600m and as part of the Distance Medley Relay team. He also ran in graduate school at Texas Tech in 2014. All of his achievements are fond memories, but he thinks more about the experience. “In the end, it all comes down to the fun little moments. Those times when relays came down to the wire, that moment when you finish the end of the workout and you know you accomplished something great, those long runs when you just chat about anything. It's the collection of all these things that make everything worth it.”

Kelsey was a three sport athlete at Otsego participating in basketball, volleyball, and track. She still holds Otsego school records in basketball for most blocked shots in a game and most blocked shots in a season as well as records in the high jump, 200m and 100m in track and field. She continued her volleyball career at Michigan State University where she was a part of back-to-back Sweet 16 finishes. She also joined the basketball team at MSU her senior year and was a part of the track team for a year. When she looks back on her time at Otsego, it’s the people she thinks of most. “My supportive and selfless teammates and my dedicated coaches.  Of course I remember the major victories and records being broken, but more vividly I remember celebrating the achievements with my teammates and coaches.  This plaque may be going up with only my name on it, but I wish everybody I ever encountered could be on it.  There's no way I could have accomplished what I did without my teammates believing in me and my coaches pushing me to my best every day.  I owe my success to them and these memories would not be the same without them.”

Kuipers adds that this is a dream come true. Brinn hopes this latest accomplishment might inspire others to get out there and follow their dreams. “I used to always see those school records in PE my freshman year and that was the goal, to break those records.

“All I can say is follow your path as well, there may be detours, and sometimes you will have to walk in the bushes, but it will always lead you somewhere new.”

Kuipers and Brinn became the 49th and 50th inductees to the OHS Hall of Fame that began in 1993. It is the Gerald R. Hadden Athletic Hall of Fame. Hadden was an all-sports fan in the community. The purpose is to recognize former Otsego athletes, coaches and others who have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics, either by virtue of their performances on athletic teams representing Otsego, college and professional teams, or by meritorious efforts on behalf of Otsego High School athletics.


Kelsey Kuipers, 2010 OHS graduate
Tommy Brinn, 2009 OHS graduate

Tim Merrill, 1977 OHS graduate
Jordan Schreuder, 2007 OHS graduate
Gerald Bentley, 1969 OHS graduate

Lori (Rhoades) Townsend, 1991 OHS graduate
Scott Keefer, 1986 OHS graduate
Richard “Dick” VanDerhoff 1968 OHS graduate

Bob McLelland, 1946 OHS graduate
Bob Phillips, 1961 OHS graduate
Aaron Boone, 2001 OHS graduate
Jim Watson, 1994 OHS graduate

Kim Klumpp Palmer, 1989 OHS graduate
Neil Browne, former coach & teacher
Gary Shook, 1958 OHS graduate 

Margo Brogan, former coach & teacher
Guy Hess, former coach & teacher
Jock Pirrone, 1958 OHS graduate

Gary Rhoades, former coach & teacher
Roger Warren, 1983 OHS graduate
James Dennis, 1972 OHS graduate

James Buzzell, 1954 OHS graduate           
Richard Simmons, former coach & teacher
Stephanie Somers, 1994 OHS graduate 

Walt Boettcher, 1954 OHS graduate, former teacher, coach & administrator
Gary Michaels, 1967 OHS graduate
Mike Williams, 1990 OHS graduate
Rebecca (Fogg) Muhammad, 1994 OHS graduate

Larry Pratt, 1960 OHS graduate
Kenneth Watson, 1967 OHS graduate 

Janis Nichols, 1975 OHS graduate
Dan Nulty, 1960 OHS graduate 

Todd Rose, 1984 OHS graduate
Karen (Panse) McNees, 1984 OHS graduate 

Bob Miles, former teacher, coach, Athletic Director & administrator
Chris (Bell) Meines, 1981 OHS graduate
Gary Jennings, 1962 OHS Graduate

Jim McNutt, 1959 OHS graduate
Lyle (Skip) Sisson, 1957 OHS graduate
Jeff Taylor, 1962 OHS graduate

Diane (Branch) Foresman, 1987 OHS graduate
Brad Kirk, 1986 OHS graduate
Tom Matthews, 1982 OHS graduate, former administrator & coach 

James Harmon, 1958 OHS graduate
Hank Lemoin, former Athletic Director, coach & Assistant Principal
Jim Sanford, 1965 OHS graduate
Michael Prough, 1979 OHS graduate
Kim Bradeen, 1983 OHS graduate
Tracey (Baker) Holmberg, 1983 OHS graduate
Kevin McNees, 1983 OHS graduate