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Welcome , New families

Here at Learn ‘n Grow, it is our mission to provide numerous outdoor exploration experiences for students so they may discover how the natural world around them is connected to their everyday lives. Throughout our coverage of six different habitats, we will infuse early literacy and math concepts, fine and gross motor skills and problem solving concepts that will meet the needs of every child.

Come join us as we laugh, get messy, take risks and embark on learning adventures that spark interesting conversations and inspire a love for learning!

Heather Buskard,
Early Childhood Education Director

General Information

At Learn 'n Grow, we offer a 3 and 4/5-year old program. The 3's attend school two days a week, the 4's attend 3 days a week. We are a tuition-based program, but have scholarships and at-risk, tuition-free spots available for those who qualify. 

Learn 'n Grow Early Childhood Education Center is the newest facility at Otsego Public Schools and was specially designed to be a nature-based learning environment. Our students are explorers! 

Enrollment begins each February 1st and is ongoing throughout the year if spots are available. Class sizes are limited to 12 in the 3-year-old sessions and 16 students in the 4-year-old sessions. 

About Learn 'n Grow Early Childhood Education Center

Our nature-based preschool will provide outdoor exploration experiences for three and four year olds. Throughout the year we will enhance students’ understanding and connection to the natural world while building skills and the needs of the whole child.

Preschool plays an important role in a young child's growth and development. Children learn socialization skills that are so important for future peer relationships. They learn there is more than just "me" and that others have needs and feelings, too. Children learn to share their toys, their space, their thoughts and their love. They learn rules and limits in relation to their surroundings.

Our teachers will introduce early literacy skills. Children will learn that letters are in their name and will begin to write their names. Children learn about numbers and counting, they learn to cut, paste and paint. These activities are part of our program but are not the focus of the program.

The program is age-appropriate and children all have different developmental levels. Preschool is a time when young children sing, play, make friends and learn to explore more about their world.

Read more about what our students will explore and learn on our Learn 'n Grow Curriculum web page.