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At Learn 'n Grow Early Childhood Education Center, we offer preschool programs for 3 and 4/5 year olds. The Learn 'n Grow ECEC is a nature-based program where we focus on the whole child. Students will be outdoors throughout the year, exploring the wonders of the seasons here in West Michigan. Our center is nestled in a 5-acre wooded area so the natural environment lends itself to an abundance of nature-based and outdoor learning opportunities. Our educational units will be embedded into exploring different habitats and we're excited for students to connect with their surroundings through social, emotional and physical play.

Thematic Units Centered On Six Habitats
Forest, tundra, ocean, grasslands, wetlands and desert. Within each unit we will explore more about seasons, living and non-living things, animal homes, parts of the body, fire safety, personal safety, nutrition, five senses, magnets, simple machines and more!

Math Skills
Counting, shapes, sorting, spatial relations, sizing/comparing words, patterning, graduated order, one-to one correspondence and following three-step directions.

Reading Readiness
Literacy: Recognizing first name in print, scribble writing, concepts of print, letter sounds, letter
identification, write some letters from own name, recognizing last name in print, rhyming and dramatic play.

Fine Motor
Beginning scissor skills, introduction of writing tools and pencil grip.

Gross Motor
Running, jumping, hopping, galloping and catching a ball.

Self-Help Skills
Personal health and role-playing.

Solving conflicts, interactive social skills and manners throughout the year.